Signal Fire of Las Vegas is a fire alarm and monitoring company in Las Vegas with a passion for service excellence.  Our management team heavily invests in our staff to deliver the best results for property management to offer the compliance and protection of valuable property needs.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and offer a client portal where our customers can check the status of their system, see work orders, and understand any risks that may be present that need immediate attention for the safety of the clients, residents or workers at that facility.

Are you tired of not knowing if your fire alarm system is safe or what the real status of jobs are?  We use cloud-based technology to keep our clients fully informed about their facilities as well as the risks that exist.  Are there valves having troubles?  You need to know.  Do you have the certification certificate you need from your annual checkup on the backflow systems, or do you have to call and wait for weeks to get the documentation you need from your current company?

We are here to deliver service excellence and would be excited to help your property have the best fire alarms and monitoring systems in Las Vegas.  We can help from small single-room buildings to major hotels and the fire systems for massive public facilities.

Give us a call to learn how we can help your properties be safe and secure in Las Vegas!