In the midst of a fire, you want to be able to minimize the number of steps it takes to address the challenge in order to act quickly. Having a state-of-the-art system with an intuitive design simplifies the response process, improving response time and reducing the chances of potential errors. Autocall specializes in developing scalable, intelligent solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of facilities. In focusing on the installation and end-user experience, we have been able to engineer the most advanced, reliable solutions available in the market.


When looking for the right fire alarm control panel solution, you want to focus on a specific set of needs. You want to minimize the risks of errors, so the panel should ideally be simple and easy to use. The display should be readable, so that it can be scanned in seconds, accurately. The number of buttons and the overall layout should make sense for the end-user, so careful labeling, and smart design are essential. The number of steps required should be minimal, so tasks such as silencing and resetting the fire alarm should be simple. You want to be able to quickly identify the location of the fire, ideally without significant panel inputs. There should be as few decisions as possible to enable fast decision-making. Only several clearly defined steps should be required of the end-user.


Autocall offers the most intuitively designed solutions for your fire alarm control panel needs. Our scalable solutions can be customized to meet a range of alarm panel needs. Systems like our Autocall 4100ES can be deployed in large facilities and multi-building campus networks. Capable of supporting up to 2,500 points in the network, we can assure you that your multi-hazard suppression release control needs are addressed. Systems like the Autocall 4007ES are perfect for smaller facilities and are capable of addressing a number of needs like multi-hazard suppression release, networking, and addressable notification technology.

Our solutions can be programmed easily from the front panel or from a PC. Systems can be configured and expanded simply as needs evolve due to the modular design approach taken in engineering. Readable displays housed in a minimalist design make our fire alarm control panel systems perfect for facilities of all sizes with varying network specifications.