Bluntly stated, the fire alarm is arguably the most important fire-safety device there is; emergency exits, fire blankets, fire extinguishers, and much more are helpful as well, but an up-to-date fire alarm can be the difference between a structure being saved or destroyed and lives being preserved or lost.

Despite this, the fire alarm generally receives little more than a second thought, both from individuals whose wellbeing depends on it and from the professionals responsible for assuring that it functions at its best. Similarly, too many careless purchasers today simply buy the first fire alarm/system that they come across; quality is placed on the back burner, and in turn, so is safety.

This is unacceptable and unnecessary—especially when companies like Las Vegas’s Signal Fire are standing by to provide top-of-the-line systems, answers to pressing questions, and peace of mind—all for less than the competition charges.

To demonstrate to customers why exactly Signal Fire should be consulted for all an establishment’s fire-protection needs, let’s take a look at some of the company’s positives!


While competing fire-safety companies don’t have any qualms about hurrying customers into purchases, the professionals at Signal Fire are committed to answering any and all questions clients may have and providing the most satisfactory overall buying experiences; sales are important, but they don’t come before the customer-company relationship.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Signal Fire’s employees to experience this unparalleled customer service for yourself.


Quality is certainly a consideration, for fire alarms, but the reality is that extremely high prices—even if they correspond with outstanding products—won’t impress customers. At Signal Fire, however, quality and affordability can be found in every purchase.


Unlike quite a few other fire-safety companies, which sell the same products for use in commercial buildings and homes, Signal Fire boasts a variety of fire alarms and fire systems that have been created from the ground up for commercial establishments. The result of this effort is optimal protection for every type of building.


Signal Fire’s alarm systems are carefully installed with respect to buildings’ layouts and floorplans, so as to comply with all of Las Vegas’s fire safety regulations. Other companies often fail to account for these laws and regulations (which can lead to both legal trouble and unnecessary risks), but Signal Fire takes the steps necessary to satisfy these statutes and then some.

Hopefully, it’s now clear to potential customers why Signal Fire is considered by many to be Nevada’s premier fire safety company. Thanks for reading and stay safe!