Some building owners think that having a fire alarm system is enough. When the alarm goes off, who will hear it and stop the fire if no one’s there? Ideally, you should monitor the building 24/7 for total protection. For the following reasons, it’s crucial to have your fire system actively monitored.


Fire is very unpredictable because it looks less dangerous than it actually is. A small fire has the potential to grow and spread faster than anyone can predict. A fire can start in one room and engulf an entire house in a few minutes. Fire causes a wide range of damages, such as soot and smoke inhalation.


Fires are not always started by people who are close by. Some are started by matches that get dropped on the floor, while others are started by arson. However, there are fires that get started naturally by lightning or electrical malfunctions. When this happens, there may or may not be people nearby to see the fire and call the authorities.


Arsonists can easily set fires to empty buildings during the day or night. When this happens, you may be living thousands of miles away in another region. Remote monitoring ensures that you are able to identify, prevent and report fires immediately. You can see the first spark of a fire through streaming video, and rewind the tape to re-watch it. Over an online Cloud-based system, see who started the fire and provide video evidence to the proper authorities.

A fire alarm in your building is mandatory, but a monitoring system is ideal. The building is kept safe at all times for all of your employees and customers. Even if a fire doesn’t cause any death or injury, it can still cost thousands of dollars in property damages. Doors, walls and furniture can be ruined in a matter of minutes. Signal Fire, Inc. is one company that provides commercial fire alarm monitoring services in Las Vegas. Take the right steps to protect the safety and success of your commercial building.