Every system you install in your building serves to protect it and the lives of the people that work inside it. However, to be most effective, you will want to install every piece of this system to ensure there are no gaps or vulnerabilities in your safety and security system.

This article will cover each piece of the safety and security puzzle and why each part is vital to it.


Access control allows you to restrict access to specific places and resources to particular individuals. You can limit this access based on various credentials.

There are three essential parts to an access control system:

  • User facing mechanisms, such as badges, keypads, and biometric scanners
  • Admin facing tools, like an access management system
  • Infrastructure, such as electric doors and access control panels.

Access control is essential to businesses for these reasons:

  • Physical security of the property
  • Staying compliant with their industry’s respective regulations, such as HIPAA or banking security regulations
  • Protecting intellectual property


CCTV lets you keep an eye on the goings-on inside, outside, and around your property. Cameras and monitors allow you to see what’s happening on your property in real-time.

These parts make up a modern CCTV system:

  • Camera
  • Monitor
  • Video recording system such as a DVR
  • Cabling (even wireless cameras require this to some degree)

CCTV has been making great technological strides in their cameras and monitors and has become much more effective in bringing criminals to justice.


Fire alarm systems detect fires and alert the building occupants to them. Early detection is critical to allow everyone in the building to evacuate the premises, and aid first responders.

To maximize their utility, these fire detection systems must also be attached to fire suppression systems to limit or eliminate the fire. 


Security alarms are low-voltage detection systems that can identify unauthorized entry into the premises. When such an entry is detected, the system activates loud sirens and strobes.

To maximize the effectiveness of these alarm systems, many businesses install motion detectors to work in tandem with their alarm systems. When someone enters somewhere they’re not supposed to be, the siren goes off, causing the intruder to panic and leave as quickly as possible.

Today’s security systems can detect much more than break-ins. When you install these security systems and have them work in concert, you will have a much safer and more secure business.