Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Safety Inspections 

Have questions about fire safety procedures and inspections? See the list below for answers to some of the frequently asked safety questions! 

What are the common annual fire and safety inspections? 

  • Smoke and heat detectors 
  • Fire alarms
  • Manual pull stations
  • Fire hydrants 
  • Fire pumps
  • Kitchen hood suppression systems such as nozzles and links

What is a 3-year full-trip dry stem test? 

  • This test is a technician simulation test of your sprinklers to compare the timing of your water delivery. 

How often should my fire extinguishers be inspected? 

  • Fire extinguishers undergo annual maintenance by certified technicians. However, a certified technician can perform a monthly inspection as well. These monthly inspections can also be performed in house.  

What is a hydrant inspection? 

  • Hydrants are inspected for visible wear and tear, rusted and/or missing components. They are also flowed to test the valve and measure the static and residual pressures. 

What is a 5 year internal Wet Systems Pipe Exam? 

  • This exam is an inspection of your piping system to test for obstructions in the system that may block water flow. 

How often should sprinkler systems in Nursing Home Facilities be inspected? 

  • Sprinkler systems in Nursing Home Facilities should be inspected quarterly. 

How do I maintain, service and inspect my fire pump? 

  • Fire pumps require annual inspection/ testing
  • Electric pumps require monthly pump runs. 
  • Diesel pumps require a weekly pump run. 

How often should I have my fire alarms inspected? 

  • Fire alarms should be inspected annually. 

Protect yourself and your tenants by scheduling your fire safety processes and be sure that your systems are operating properly in case of a fire emergency.