What can commercial kitchens do to mitigate the risk?

Many people in a kitchen are subject to high-risk situations. Kitchen fires cause over 7,000 restaurant fires each year and result in many deaths or injuries every day (NFPA). Fortunately, following safety codes and proper cleaning procedures as well as installing appropriate fire prevention features like automatic suppression systems can help protect restaurants against devastating consequences from these types of disasters!

Adhere To Fire Codes

Modern kitchens are meant to provide a safe and healthy place for employees, customers alike. Fire prevention should be at the forefront of all designers’ minds when they’re designing commercial kitchens because NFPA lays out regulations that address how ventilation can reduce risk during fires by preventing trapping heat from getting into buildings where it may lead towards one happening sooner than expected.

It is important that exit signs and evacuation routes be visible in an emergency. These areas should never serve as temporary storage, because the risk of fire or other disaster increases when they are not used properly by professionals with knowledge about how these facilities work during emergencies.

Have Fire Suppression Systems

In order to keep your kitchen from being destroyed by a fire, it is important that you install an automatic fire suppression system with sensors.

The fire suppression system is an invaluable tool in the kitchen. When it senses flames, this automated device will quickly cut off gas or electric supply to any appliances that might be at risk for catching fire and shutting them down before they cause more damage.

Watch For Your Fire Extinguishers

The importance of fire safety cannot be overstated. A commercial kitchen’s Class K extinguisher is specifically designed for fires involving grease, fats and oils; other areas in the restaurant should also carry ABC (other) classed smolder resistant or “A” rated put out by water containers that are pressurized with CO2 cylinders as these can contain paper sources causing an electrical spark which would ignite cooking oil on top of gas stoves used throughout restaurants.

It is crucial to have a properly labeled fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place. Regular inspections of these devices can help you be safe from any potential emergencies that might arise, such as fires or electrical short circuits.

Train Your Employees Properly

Properly trained employees are your best defense against fires. They will know the proper way to react in case one happens, through using fire extinguishers and storing flammable liquids away from cooking equipment where they themselves can’t get harmed by them too if necessary.

This is because these workers have been properly trained on what dangers exist when it comes time for disaster strikes-which includes everything from knowing how much pressure different types of foam put out (in order not only stop a spreading problem but also keep people safe),to cleaning tasks assigned daily so as not create new hazards that could lead into an even worse situation down.