Business owners in Las Vegas often ask us, “why should my fire alarm system be monitored with a radio?” It is an important question that deserves thoughtful consideration.

Fast and Reliable

When seconds count, the Fire mesh radio network is your best bet. Don’t risk losing someone to smoke inhalation when you could be calling for help in just 1-2 seconds with Signal Fire’s AES ( Mellen MC1300 ) Mesh Network.

Mesh networks are faster than cellular connections because they use unlicensed spectrum which means there’s nothing stopping them from connecting all around; even through walls! And since these signals don’t travel far before being blocked by obstacles like buildings or hillsides – think about how quickly things can get out of hand if one person catches fire while others attempt emergency communications using slower technologies such as landlines? It may sound dramatic but I’ll save

The Best Quality

In an age where security is a top concern, many people are turning to mesh networks as the solution. Signals on this type of network cannot be confined by one route or point because it has no central hub from which information flows outwards – everything connects directly with other nodes in order for messages and data packets alike to find their way around efficiently without being obstructed along any path . Furthermore, since there’s always multiple strands going through every node at once (though not all simultaneously), if something does go wrong then another redundant connection will spring into action instead!
The military grade communication pathway that AES Intellinet was originally built ̶ Signal Fire’s private encrypted radio transmission system ̶ may have been designed primarily for broadcast transmissions

It Reduces Costs

Our mesh radios can help reduce your operating costs by cutting costly phone bills. We offer a wide range of customizable solutions so you don’t have to worry about compatibility or installation!

The Importance

All of our clients are important and deserve the best protection possible. We will answer any question you might have about fires with factual information, so that people can make informed decisions for themselves or their business ventures without worrying if something bad might happen.
Our monitoring services offer peace of mind and safety for your property, no matter the size.
Fire alarms can be a crucial aspect in keeping our communities safe from fire risks that could cause great damage or even result in loss-of life if mismanaged. With just one false alarm we want to ensure you never experience this type dangerous scenario at home again so contact us today!