Responsibility to your employees is a huge responsibility. Not only are they essential for the success of any company, but also you owe it as their employer/leader not just morally but legally too! It’s important that every workplace has policies in place which protect both individuals working within its walls and visitors alike. Accidents can be costly both financially & emotionally when dealing with claims or code violations penalties at either end (litigation).

Mistakes can happen when building managers and owners aren’t working with fire safety professionals. It is important that the company you choose has experience in designing for this type of emergency, or else your whole day may be ruined!

Here are just a few ways you can ensure your systems and building safety, without having to worry about compliance with fire codes or life-safety regulations.

Pay Attention To Doors and Exits

Blocking doorways and exits is the most common fire safety code violation. An emergency can happen at any time, so even if there are only blockages in one direction it may be dangerous to pass through or exit from that area.

Fire Marshals and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) frequently document this as a violation in businesses, with the cost of fines being costly. They say that obstructed exits during emergencies can be much more so since workers may not have time to use any other exit besides where they are standing when an emergency occurs

Keep Your Fire Sprinklers in a Good Shape

The sprinklers are a forgotten safety system in many buildings. They rarely work, so it’s easy for people to forget they exist at all!

A fire sprinkler system is essential for any building, but it must be regularly inspected and maintained. If the purpose of your structure has changed since construction – like occupancy rates have risen or housed valuables and potential hazards have been introduced to a new space – then these systems may not be adequate anymore. A reliable professional will tell you what type of valve controls are installed as well as if those work properly when needed.

Check Your Fire Extinguishers

In a fire, having an easily accessible extinguisher is arguably the most important thing. It only takes seconds to find one and use it because there’s nothing else you can do in those few precious moments while waiting for help or getting out of your life-threatening situation yourself!
I’ve seen buildings without any signs warning people about where their nearest fire fighting equipment was located which made them even less likely than usual during emergencies – so keep that mind when searching next time around!

Inspect Your Fire Alarms

Smoke and heat detectors, control panels that monitor the building’s fire safety system status as well as alarms for emergencies are all crucial to protecting business assets. These devices give early warnings in case of an emergency so they can be acted on quickly before it becomes too late!

Your employees, tenants and customers rely on you to maintain fire safety systems in order for them to stay safe. You can partner with a company that will take care of it so there are no citations or fines related to code violations. By working together we’ll keep everyone protected!