Did you know that one of the leading causes of fires in the country are residential fires? According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), 354,400 of the 1,291,500 reported fires in 2019 were residential fires. Additionally, among these fires were 3,704 deaths and 16,600 injuries.

What can you do to minimize your home’s chances of catching fire? Well, first off, you should definitely invest in fire safety in Las Vegas. Read everything you can get your hands on regarding fire protection for your Las Vegas home. Luckily, you don’t need to look further because you’re on the right page. This article will specifically talk about common household items that can easily catch fire.

But before we get into that, let us first talk about what triggers these residential fire emergencies.

What Causes House Fires?

House fires can be caused by just about anything flammable. They can either be a result of negligence, carelessness, faulty wiring, or simply an accident. However, you’ll be surprised to know that cooking is actually the leading cause of house fires in the country. Other causes of house fires include heating equipment, faulty wiring, christmas tree fires, smoking materials, candles, appliances, and electrical fires and malfunctioning or defective products.

With so many possible causes of house fires, you can’t help but be more cautious of the items you bring to your home. In this article, you’ll read about some household items which can easily become fire hazards.

Common Household Items Which Can Be Fire Hazards

When common household items become fire hazards, it can get disorienting. You use these products everyday, so it’s understandable that you don’t think of them as dangerous. Without further ado, here are some of the items you should watch out for that could be fire hazards:


Extension cords

While extension cords are generally safe for you to use, it can be very easy to overload them. Overloaded extension cords are more likely to melt wire insulation and cause a fire. Some extension cords may not even meet safety standards, depending on where you bought them, making them risky to use. Extension cords can also increase the risk of hidden electrical shorts. Using electrical outlets the wrong way can ignite nearby combustible materials and start a fire.


What home doesn’t have a stove? Although stoves are essential, when left or used incorrectly, they can easily become fire hazards. This is no surprise as cooking remains the leading cause of residential fires. Combined with grease, stove fires spread relatively quickly and can’t be put out with water.


Nowadays, scented candles are the newest fad. However, just because they smell good doesn’t mean they aren’t fire hazards. If left without supervision, a lit candle may topple over and burn the surface it is on. Though small, candles can still start a mean fire that can be difficult to put out.

Dryers and washing machines

The leading cause of home dryer and washer fires is failure to clean them. Dryers cause thousands of fires every year as lint builds up and catches fire from gas burners or nearby surfaces catching on fire. Lint is composed of dry fibers from the fabrics you put in the dryer, so it’s no surprise that they are highly flammable.

Outdoor grills

Like the stove, outdoor grills can become fire hazards if left unattended or used incorrectly. If the grill becomes too hot, catches fire, or throws sparks, it could cause a fire.
Be mindful of your household items and appliances to avoid untoward accidents like fire emergencies in your home. Of course, prevention is still better than cure–what better way to keep your home safe from fires than to fireproof it? Fireproof your Las Vegas home today with the help of Signal Fire.

Need More Info?

If you own or live in an apartment complex in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s important to have safeguards in place in case something untoward happens to ensure your safety. One of these safeguards is installing fire alarms in your Las Vegas home.

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