Living in Nevada can come with its fair share of safety hazards. You’re living in one of the driest areas in the United States, and if you aren’t careful, your lovely home can be susceptible to an unexpected fire. As a responsible homeowner, it’s best to familiarize yourself with fire safety tips so your home can be forever untouched by life-threatening accidents.

Here are five fire protection tips to remember while living in Las Vegas:

Practice Your Fire Escape Pattern

While reviewing your home plan, you finally got yourself calling up your interior designer and architect to check that your fire escape is carefully placed where anyone in your home can see it. That should be enough, right?

As much as we’d like to say yes, this really isn’t where it stops. Everyone in your household should be familiar with the fire escape, and all of you should practice how to use it often. It may be tedious to get the whole family into it, but trust us when we say that you’re better off safe than sorry.

Install Smoke Alarms

If we could rank fire alarm tips for Nevada homes, this would probably come out at number one on the list. Fires that claim lives usually come at the expense of a family not having a working smoke alarm, so the fire conveniently goes undetected before it’s too late. You don’t want this situation to apply to your family, so it’s time to get proactive.

Try looking for reliable smoke alarm brands in your area and have one installed. Ask the seller if it’s possible for them to walk you through a test, just so you’re confident that it can work.

Never Leave Candles Unattended

Lighting up a scented candle or putting some incense on sounds heavenly, but not if you keep them unattended. This tip is especially important if you have small kids who don’t know how dangerous these flammable objects can be just yet.

Even candle and incense companies would tell you that once lit, these objects can never be out of your sight, period. So falling asleep, no matter how relaxing those scents can get, shouldn’t be on the relaxation agenda! Make sure lit candles and incense sticks are always within your reach in case of an emergency.

Have Your Heating System Regularly Serviced

Having heating installed is a standard for most American homes, so we understand if you haven’t had yours serviced in a long time. It’s easy to rely on a heating system once you know that you can rely on it to work any time, but just like other systems, they can still malfunction at the drop of a hat.

Have your heating system checked and cleaned by professionals at least once every month to make sure all your moving parts are running as smoothly as they possibly can. It’s best to keep dust and other flammable objects far from your system, too.

Store Cooking Oil Away From The Stove

We understand how tempting it is to do this, especially so you won’t have to search your cupboards for oil just when it’s time for lunch. But this is still best to do especially if you cook at home often, so the tiny fire that is cooking up a delicious meal for you won’t turn into something much worse.

On the off chance that you get careless and a grease fire happens, turn off your burner immediately and place a lid on the pan to deprive the flames of oxygen to spread. Immediately applying baking soda to the fire also works.

Ready To Protect Your Home?

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A fire-related emergency could strike at absolutely any time, no matter how careful you are. Save lives and money in the process by trusting us to provide you with the best system possible that can also suit your budget. Just visit our website to get a quote today, or you can call us at (877) – 577 – 7495.