A fire safety inspection in Las Vegas is a pretty common event, considering the fact that it’s also one of the more dangerous cities for fires to start in the United States. As a building or business owner, you need to know that Nevada is one of the driest states in the entire country, and no matter how careful you think you may be, a fire could break out any time.

Here are a few reasons to keep up with fire inspections annually:

You Can Ensure Your System Is Working Properly

After having your systems installed, it’s best to undergo a thorough fire alarm inspection in your Las Vegas property to make sure everything is working properly, without issue.

Most systems can work for a good five to seven years with infrequent inspections. But if you’re strict with keeping your inspections on schedule, you can get up to ten good years on your system knowing it can work efficiently in case of an emergency. Think of it like car maintenance. Your fire alarm system is what keeps you safe and ready to roll.

You Can Keep Your Patrons

According to Per Mar Security services, up to 80% of small businesses that experience a fire once can’t bounce back, so they end up closing permanently. The cost to repair everything could take over any remaining finances you might have for reopening, and you can say goodbye to loyal customers you’ve built relationships with over the years, too.

Regular fire inspections can prevent this from ever happening, and your clients won’t have to worry about losing their favorite place to do business from. This also shows them that you have their safety in mind, above everything else.

It’s More Cost Effective

Annual inspections, if done on time and done correctly, can help you save hundreds of dollars in repairs, easily! When a fire alarm system malfunctions, you will usually end up spending thousands to repair potential damages as a result of both the fire, and your system not working the way it should.

Feel free to speak with your fire safety inspector to ask them just how much regular inspections are saving you. Their data is likely backed up by all the businesses they lent their services to, so you can take their word for it if you trust them with the safety of your business, too.

You Can Mitigate Fire And Safety Hazards

Faulty alarm systems could also lead to a potential waste of city resources, and a big accident could leave you more ill-prepared for the backlash to come than you’d expect.

The number one reason why you should be diligent with yearly fire alarm inspections is that you want to preserve the lives of the people around you. You want to make sure that your employees, customers, and surrounding bystanders are safe. Having a consistent safety record is also great for your brand’s reputation, which you’ll want to cultivate indefinitely.

They Aren’t Hard To Prepare For

It pays to have a positive relationship with your fire inspector, and know that surprise visits can happen any time.

Here are the different factors your inspector could check:

  • They will check if all safety systems are in place. This includes passive and active fire protection equipment.
  • Passive Systems – Lighted exits and fire exit doors
  • Active Systems – Fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, and the like
  • They will also check if emergency responders have access to all of these systems in case of an emergency
  • They will thoroughly inspect potential fire hazards in the building and all the ways a fire may spark.

Need More Info?

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