Looking for fire alarm systems for your Las Vegas business should be a prerequisite for any entrepreneur. First of all, Nevada is one of the driest states you can settle down in, so investing in fire alarms is just standard procedure for keeping your business safe from unwanted accidents. Once you’ve done a little bit of research, you might be a bit puzzled over the differences between hard-wired and wireless fire alarms.

Here are the pros and cons of each below, before you invest in either system for your Las Vegas business:


Based on the way it’s called, a wired system might be a bit more complicated in terms of installation compared to a wireless system. They’re considered more conventional than a wireless system, which is a bit newer and manufactured relatively later compared to their wired counterparts.

Because these systems are newer and slightly more advanced, they no longer need wires to run efficiently. You still need a professional to come over and make sure it’s installed properly, but you no longer need to worry about miscellaneous parts like cables, extra labor, and wires to get it going.


The nature of a wired system allows for so many moveable parts. Depending on the structure of your building and where it’s placed, having a wired system installed could mean that parts of the system are rather noticeable to guests when they come into your building.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you want your guests to know that you have an alarm system in place, but if aesthetics matter a lot to you, a wireless system might be better. They tend to be preferred by owners of historical sites, hotels, restaurants, homes, and churches for their ability to blend into the building.


Having a wired system means that your technician should observe the utmost care while installing it so as not to avoid accidents with cabling in the future. This is especially important if you run a restaurant or a hotel, when the slightest mishap could cause your guests to evacuate immediately.

Fortunately for wireless systems, you won’t have to worry about this at all. The need for cabling is not needed for these types of systems, so you’re one less step away from accidents. Despite it costing you a little more, this caveat might make it worth your while.


Apart from cabling, this is one of the more obvious differences between the two. While a building is being erected, a wired system seems like the more cost-friendly choice. This is because the wiring can easily be hidden while everything is being built, but this might be a bit harder to achieve if you want to install this system on an existing building.

The devices of a wireless system do cost more than the former system, but it can be argued that the installation cost for wiring is not needed, so everything can offset accordingly.


Because wired systems are so intricate compared to wireless systems, these may pose a problem for you if you suddenly need to relocate all of your systems to another building. Reinstalling somewhere else isn’t impossible, but the procedure might be a bit too complex, and you might be charged extra for installation fees, depending on how tough the job is.

On the other hand, wireless systems can be easily installed on almost any wall material whatsoever. The ease with which it can be removed is relatively the same, too. This means you can easily update your system or maintain it.

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