Fires can be devastating, causing tremendous property damage, and even taking lives in all the chaos. While we can never prevent every instance of a fire, there are steps we can take to greatly reduce its chances of occurring. That’s why we’ve gathered a few useful tips on how to fireproof your home in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas fire protection for the exterior of your house

Fire protection starts from the outside of your home. In the right conditions, a single spark or ember can quickly set your house ablaze. Here are some good tips on how to prevent this from happening.

Check roof and gutters & remove dry vegetation

The first place to start in how to fireproof your Las Vegas home is to clear the surrounding areas of dry vegetation. Check your roof and gutters for leaves or other materials that can quickly catch fire. While you’re up there, also check that overhead wires are not in danger of touching tree branches.

Water your lawn & wet down your roof

This is quite simple but easily forgotten. Make sure you regularly water your lawn so it can serve as extra protection from spreading fires. Forget about this and your lawn quickly becomes a huge risk for starting a fire at home.

Before any backyard BBQs or events with fireworks, wet down your roof to prevent fires from starting. In those situations, there are a lot of stray embers floating around. If it lands on a dry roof and that’s a quick recipe for disaster.

Create a barrier

A noteworthy tactic for Las Vegs fire protection of the exterior of your home is to create a natural barrier or buffer zone that makes it hard for flames to spread to your house.

It starts with clearing all debris and external structures, like sheds, around your house. To help prevent the spread, consider planting fire-resistant plants like California lilac, California Fuchsia, Eastern Redbud, Live Oak, Sycamore, Yucca, Agave, Salvias, and Lavender. Not all of these plants will work in every region so don’t worry if some of these don’t work out for you.

Use fire resistant material

If you’re still in the process of building your home or renovating an existing structure, consider using fire-resistant material for the outside of your home. You can use brick, stone, or concrete panels lined with foam.

For the roof, skip the wood and go with more resistant material such as tile and metal. If you already have a home with a wooden roof, you can have your shingles coated with a fire-resistant treatment.

Las Vegas fire protection for the inside of your home

Clear clutter

Arresting the spread of the fire within your home can be a simple as giving it less fuel. Clear your home of clutter to reduce the possible objects that can catch fire. Cleaning out things that don’t need to be kept and donating stuff you haven’t used in a while is a great place to start. Clearing your house of clutter can also provide for clearer paths to the exit in the event of a fire.

Put away all flammable objects in safe spaces like candles, oil, and flammable substances. When using candles, never leave one unattended and make sure they’re secure and away from any fabrics or flammable surfaces.

Dryer lint should also be removed after every laundry. This is surprisingly a common cause of house fires.

Check electrical outlets and electronics

A nifty way to check if your electrical situation at home might be unsafe is if you have constantly blown fuses or your breaking tripping regularly. If this is the case, check your outlets to make sure they aren’t overloaded. Don’t forget to check appliances that they’re working properly and not smelling funny or shooting sparks.

Get the best help with fire protection in Las Vegas

You can go ahead and call an electrician or better yet, call a fire protection company in Las Vegas like Signal Fire to check on this as well as other possible fire hazards you may have at home. Contact us at Signal Fire and discover additional measures you can take to keep yourself safe from fire. Call use today and see how Signal Fire provides service excellence.