As safety technology advances, fire alarm systems become more and more complex. There is a suitable fire alarm for every application, all providing reliable detection and fast response times. Currently, the options involve hard-wired or wireless fire detection and alarm systems.

When choosing between a hard-wired fire detection and alarm system and a wireless one, some things have to be considered. As a general rule, newly built establishments where wires can be hidden inside finished walls and ceilings typically have completely hard-wired fire detection and alarm systems. On the other hand, older buildings, especially those considered to be historical ones, usually have wireless systems.

However, when it comes to your Las Vegas homes, you need to consider whether a hard-wired or a wireless system will work better for you. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To help you choose the right fire alarm system for your Las Vegas home for optimal fire protection, this article will list down common advantages and disadvantages of having wired or wireless fire alarm systems.

Wireless vs. Wired Fire Alarm System

    • Hard-wired fire alarm systems

In general, hard-wired fire alarm systems are cheaper than wireless fire alarm systems. This is mostly because the equipment in wireless fire alarm systems is more expensive. Another advantage of having a hard-wired fire alarm system is that you won’t experience any signal interference. Wired alarms don’t get signals through radio frequencies, which means you won’t have to worry about signal interference like you might with a wireless fire alarm. Additionally, wired fire alarm systems are more common and therefore easier to shop for replacement parts for. Lastly, wired fire alarm systems aren’t battery operated, so you won’t have to worry about regularly changing the batteries. Wired alarms are powered through the main power source and are typically considered more reliable than wireless alarms for this reason.

    • Wireless fire alarm systems

On the other hand, wireless fire alarm systems, while generally more expensive than wired alarms, are quicker and cheaper to install. With wireless alarms, you won’t need to wait for weeks or months simply for the installation of a fire alarm system. Since wireless systems don’t need wiring, they require less labor to install, therefore resulting in less disruption to your business. Wireless fire alarm systems are also more flexible than wired ones, since these devices can be installed on any wall material and can easily be removed or relocated. The flexibility of a wireless alarm system makes it easier to maintain and upgrade if needed. On the appearance side of things, wireless fire alarm systems definitely look better than wired alarms. Wireless systems don’t require the use of clunky cables or wires that could take away from the interior appeal of your establishment.

Still confused about which fire alarm system to go for? Keep in mind that if you are building a new facility, a wired system may be a viable option for increased reliability and cheaper parts. However, if you are concerned about flexibility and need an alarm system for your existing building, a wireless system may be the better option. Fireproof your Las Vegas home today with the help of Signal Fire.

Need More Info?

If you own or live in an apartment complex in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s important to have safeguards in place in case something untoward happens to ensure your safety. One of these safeguards is installing fire alarms in your Las Vegas home.

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