When it comes to fire protection, the best line of defense you have is your fire alarm system in Las Vegas. So if you’re building a new home or renovating one, it’s the best time for you to pick out the best fire alarm system for your Las Vegas home.

Finding the best fire alarm system for your Las Vegas home can get kind of tricky as there are several kinds of fire alarms and certain features to look for in smoke detectors. That’s why we’ve made this quick guide on how to choose a fire alarm in Las Vegas. Keep reading so you can find the best fire alarm system for you.

Types of fire alarm systems

When it comes to fire alarm systems in Las Vegas, there are two major components that you must consider: the alarm system and the smoke detectors. Let’s start with the alarm systems themselves.

There are two main kinds of fire alarm systems in Las Vegas: conventional and addressable.

A conventional fire alarm and its components are all connected to one cable that’s connected to a main control panel. The panel shows you an alarm when the system detects a fire. These kinds of systems are inexpensive to install and work well in small buildings. However, this kind of system won’t tell you exactly which component was tripped so it can be harder to find where the fire started or where it is in your Las Vegas property.

This problem is solved by the addressable fire alarm system. Each of its components have a unique identifier and the control panel has the ability to indicate which components have been tripped. This is useful (and sometimes the only reasonable choice) for large buildings. With an addressable system, fire fighters can know where they should go to put out the fire and respond quicker.

It’s worth noting that these kinds of fire alarms in Las Vegas are most useful in buildings with multiple dwellings. If you live in a single-family home, the next section will be more useful for you.

Choosing a smoke detector

One of the major components of a Las Vegas fire alarm system is the smoke detector. If you’re in a single-family home, this is probably your main defense again home fires. There are many different brands and kinds of smoke detectors so here are a few things to check and consider when buying smoke detectors.

Sensor type

There are 2 main types of sensors that smoke detectors use:


    Ionization sensors

    Use a small amount of radioactive material that reacts to particles emitted in a fire to set off the alarm. These are best for detecting fast-flaming fires that don’t have as much smoke but aren’t as good at detecting smokey and smoldering fires. These are also prone to false alarms from cooking and steam so these shouldn’t be placed near the kitchen or bathroom of your Las Vegas home.


    Photoelectric sensors

    Contain a photocell and a light beam shining away from the cell. When smoke particles enter the sensor, it scatters the light which hits the cell and triggers the alarm. This is perfect for detecting smokey and smoldering fires, which is the more common type of house fire. Dust or insects can cause false alarms so these must be cleaned regularly.

    Power source

    Your smoke alarm will be powered either one of two ways. The first is being hard-wired to the electrical system of your Las Vegas home. These may be harder to install but you’re guaranteed it will work as long as there’s power. Often these kinds will also have a back-up battery in case the power goes out.

    The other kind is battery powered. If your smoke detector has removable batteries, you will need to change them every 1-2 years or when it starts beeping. If it has a built-in battery, it should last about 10 years, or the life span of the smoke detector.

    Whichever kind of power source your smoke alarm has, you’ll need to replace them every 10 years as they lose efficacy over time.

    Find expert fire alarm installation in Las Vegas

    Once you’ve identified the right fire alarm system for your Las Vegas home, you should hire a professional to get these installed. Look for reputable fire protection companies like Signal Fire.

    At Signal Fire, we can help with your fire alarm installation in Las Vegas or even help you choose and procure the fire alarms and smoke detectors you need for your home. Don’t take the risk and keep your family safe. Call Signal Fire at (702) 745 – 8306.