Fires can happen at any moment, especially in Las Vegas. Before a fire even breaks out in your home, you can already take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. This is especially true for kids who may not know how to act in such a traumatic situation.

Teaching kids about fire hazards in Las Vegas and what to do in an emergency important. Signal Fire is here to help you and your family be ready in case of a fire. These are a few fire safety tips for kids in Las Vegas homes.

Help your child survive a fire

Protecting your kids from fire starts with protecting the home from one. Here are tips to remember when preparing and protecting your home before a fire breaks out.

  • Install smoke alarms on every floor of your home where it can be heard by everyone even in sleeping areas
  • Make sure there’s a fire alarm system in your Las Vegas property
  • Test smoke detectors monthly and change batteries yearly
  • Replace smoke detectors every 10 years
  • Keep flammable materials (paper, magazines, curtains) from sources of fire (stove, water heater, fireplaces)
  • Don’t smoke in bed
  • Avoid using kerosene heaters or space heaters
  • Don’t use electrical cables and wires that are worn and frayed
  • Never leave your stove or food that’s cooking unattended

A good fire protection company in Las Vegas like Signal Fire can recommend a fire safety plan for your home. This isn’t an exhaustive plan for every aspect and can be as simple as the following things:

  • Where all the nearest exit points are
  • The building evacuation plan (where applicable)
  • The locations of all fire extinguishers
  • A meetup location outside your Las Vegas home or building

Fire safety for kids

Teaching kids about fire hazards in your Las Vegas home is the other key component to protecting them. Keeping the house safe from fire also means preventing your kids from causing one. Always lock away matches, lighters, and other flammable substances, away from your children’s reach. You should also consider only using lighters with child resistant features.

In addition to this, you may want to invest in flameless candles. Instead of a burning wick, these candles have a small light bulb and are usually battery operated.

When teaching your kids, remember these fire safety tips for kids you can get them to remember so they’re always alert in your Las Vegas home:

  • Teach them at least 2 exits to every room in the house
  • Remind them not to go back into the house for a favorite toy or loved one. Smoke or fire means you need to get out now
  • Teach them how your smoke alarm system sounds
  • Call 911 as soon as you exit the home
  • Feel doors before opening them. If it’s warm, find another way to get out
  • STOP, DROP, and ROLL if your clothes catch on fire

It’s also a good idea to practice fire drills with your family a couple times per year at different times of the day. Most fires happen during sleeping hours, so the whole family must be prepared for a fire at any time.

Consult with a Las Vegas fire protection company and keep the family safe

Fire protection is no joke and keeping your kids safe is always top priority in an emergency. If you feel inexperienced with fire safety, then you should consult with a fire protection company in Las Vegas like Signal Fire.

Signal Fire is dedicated to keeping your family and home safe and secure from any fire. We offer a range of fire protection services and can help install, repair, or maintain your fire alarm system in Las Vegas. We can inspect your home and provide recommendations on how to better protect against fires and fire hazards.

Request a quote from our site and take the next step in keeping safe from danger!