Reliable fire alarms for healthcare facilities

Fire protection for healthcare facilities is a must for a city as dry and prone to fires as Las Vegas is. Although medical professionals are trained to deal with and avoid untoward accidents, mistakes can still be made by even the most seasoned expert. Just think of everything that goes on in the span of a single day: doctors and nurses on duty 24/7, mothers giving birth, people being rushed to the emergency room, and more! This is why a reliable fire alarm system for healthcare offices is crucial in Las Vegas, considering we never know when disaster might strike.

Depending on how large and complex a hospital may be, installing an efficient fire alarm system can be challenging. It’s tempting to trust your installation with any ordinary team of mechanics, regardless of the kind of experience they have. But because we place the highest standards of safety on our healthcare professionals, we need to employ the same kind of standards to the team behind the installation of the fire alarms for our clinics or hospitals in Las Vegas.

What are the factors to consider? Read on to discover the standards our team at Signal Fire abides by.

Standards to be followed by fire alarms for healthcare in Las Vegas

What makes a fire alarm system for hospitals effective in Las Vegas? Safety and security is of the utmost priority, and a set of guidelines are in place to follow.Our teams at Signal Fire follow these set of standards:

  1. Installation in corridors and hallways As much as possible, fire protection for reputable healthcare facilities starts with installing smoke detectors and automatic sprinkler systems in corridors and hallways. Given the heat Las Vegas weather can bring, a fire alarm system should always be installed with people in mind. Movement happens the most between rooms in hospitals, which are connected by hallways. People rush through them in case of an emergency or urgent procedure, and are therefore most vulnerable while they’re moving.In addition to these areas, charting nooks, stretcher storage areas, waiting areas, and sleeping rooms of nursing homes should be prioritized.
  2. The proper kind of zoning Zoning is important for two reasons: a) helping the fire department determine the exact origin of a fire when it erupts, and b) helps spot potential emergencies when alerts go off. Before you decide on zoning, make sure your fire alarm system provider is familiar with what healthcare offices in Las Vegas legally need. Our teams at Signal Fire studied NFPA codes and know all the proper installation guidelines that need to be followed. These codes have specific mandates in place for all fire alarm systems to follow.
  3. Timely notifications and alerts Gone are the days when hospitals only had to rely on simple electronic bells or chimes to see whether a fire erupted in a certain part of the building. Now, you can expect that a full-blown modern system comes equipped with more powerful speakers that not only let you know when an emergency is happening, but also comes with its own built-in live messaging functions so it can communicate in an entirely different way. What comes out of a live message? Expect coded messaging like, “Code Red, Emergency Room Lobby, North Wing” to come out of the speaker. These messages are supposed to be coded so hospital staff get to the emergency first without causing panic among patients who hear the messages. This kind of messaging isn’t just good for letting people know that a fire is going on, but can also alert you to terrorist threats, weather alerts, and other messages which need to reach all occupants of your hospital.
  4. The NFPA 101 Life Safety Code The safest fire alarm systems must abide by this code, and our experienced teams at Signal Fire are more than acquainted with what it requires. To put it simply, this code provides caveats that need to be followed for fire safety, including but not limited to the following:
    • Full-coverage smoke detection
    • Sprinklers
    • Training of staff and contractors
    • Exiting and staff training
    • And more!
  5. Installation by a professional team All of these mandatories are built with your safety in mind, which is why these systems must only be installed by seasoned professionals. Read on to discover why you should look no further than Signal Fire!

Why Signal Fire’s fire protection is the best for your Las Vegas healthcare offices

The best fire alarm systems for hospitals in Las Vegas can only be installed by the most seasoned professionals. Here are a few reasons why you should look no further than Signal Fire:

We crack the code of service excellence
To us, service excellence is achieved in two thrusts: through education and innovation.We develop, streamline, and improve our team through investing heavily in their education so they’re updated with the latest technology and guidelines.

Innovation is key to us via our work with a central database. Automation happens as much as possible so less errors happen and more results are delivered.

We work hand-in-hand with you
Although we clearly know our stuff, you won’t find any of our team members speaking over clients.We understand that no one knows your business better than you do, so it’s part of our creed to never let our own egos get in the way. We’re here to explain the best solutions to you, but you ultimately get to decide what’s right for your business.

We make hospitals and clinics fire-proof from the ground up
Being fire-proof doesn’t end with just installing fire alarm systems, especially with
something as complex as a hospital in Las Vegas.Our services include fire protection, fire alarm systems, fire alarm monitoring, fire inspections, fire alarm repair, and installing multi-family fire alarms.

And the best part? You can avail of all services for your business or you can only avail of the services that matter to you at the moment. We work with multiple businesses and a wide range of budgets, so the perfect fire-proof solution is something we can find together.

Be completely protected in just three ways

Here’s how we ensure that fire protection comes easily to Las Vegas healthcare

Fire Alarm Systems
Our team designs and installs all kinds of systems safely and securely. Included are new system upgrades, code upgrades, system changes, and more!

Enjoy fast and easy wireless monitoring done through a state-of-the-art redundant mesh network.This means you’ll only incur an average of 20 seconds in priority alarm response thanks to our six, full-redundant facilities.

All equipment is certified by governing NFPA bodies, AHJ, and state fire marshal
requirements. Only good quality products and services designed to save lives are
installed by Signal Fire.

Ready for the best fire protection you can get in Las Vegas?

Only choose optimum performance for your healthcare facilities by choosing Signal Fire. Let’s collaborate, win, and blow mediocrity out of the water by working on a fire alarm system together.

You can request a service by visiting our homepage and submitting the Request Service form. Provide all the information needed and our experts will contact you with a quote soon.

You can also call us directly at (877) 577 – 7495 and get in touch with us directly. We’re looking forward to providing you with the right fire protection!