Signal Fire Saves the Day

Fires always pose a potential danger to businesses. A fire alarm system is needed to protect the structure, interior items, and people. They are a necessary part of any commercial building and must meet code regulations.
fire alarm sprinkler control panel


Signal Fire Inc. sells, installs, inspects, and maintains commercial fire alarms in the Las Vegas area. Our goal is to provide a high level of quality service and excellent products that are designed to save lives. Signal Fire has teamed up with Mircom for its fire alarm quality products.


Most buildings need an all-encompassing system that protects the people and the property. Mircom delivers on all counts. They carry technologically advanced devices that work with one another to:

  • Notify
  • Integrate
  • Document
  • Test
  • Report

This new advanced technology allows businesses to make sure that all systems are working and meet state and local codes.


The Mircom solution is based on their complete line. Their fire alarm control panels are expandable. This allows the Signal Fire customer to expand as the business does. Much of their focus is based on sensors. A sensor that is properly placed is the first line of defense against carbon monoxide and heat.


Fire alarm systems can be customized to fit the building type. Large open areas require a different system than places that have smaller divided rooms. HVAC duct detectors are placed in strategic locations to detect smoke.


The City of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada have implemented laws that pertain to commercial buildings. These regulations involve life safety and control systems. Part of a Signal Fire service call involves an inspection process. Their trained staff inspects and certifies all fire protection equipment according to NFPA, AHJ, and the State of Nevada Fire Marshal requirements.


Signal Fire monitors fire systems using a redundant mesh network. They allow for fast alerts and response times. The appropriate emergency agencies are notified and sent to the location.


The team at Signal Fire has dedicated themselves to helping others. Their quality products and dedication have set them apart from the crowd. Now is the time to ensure a safe working environment with Signal Fire.

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