Investing in good fire protection and safety for your Las Vegas hotel

Motels and hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada are often booked to their fullest capacity, especially during the summer season. A fire alarm should be one of the first safety systems you invest in given how busy the hospitality sector is bound to get when peak seasons roll along, and for good reason! Just like any other multi-million dollar industry, these buildings can succumb to common fire hazards, no matter how trained its staff may be.

Your staff may be faced with guests who fall asleep while smoking, cluttered exits, electrical equipment malfunctioning, and even fires started on purpose can happen at any given time without the proper fire alarm system installed to alert everyone of the emergency. In an environment as unpredictable as Sin City, you’ll definitely want to secure your Las Vegas hotel with the best kind of fire protection you can afford.

Everything that goes into a capable fire alarm system for any hospitality business can be complex. Before you go ahead and invest in one for your hotel, you can read up on the different parts our teams at Signal Fire work with every day.

What should go into the fire alarm system for my Las Vegas hotel?

Optimum hotel fire protection and safety in Las Vegas is no simple, easy feat for a team to accomplish. You can go with a pretty basic system and only realize what you need when it’s too late.

Fire safety for hotels in Las Vegas can vary from building to building. Here are some of the basics that you need to have in place for your fire alarm system:

24 hour emergency service

No matter how trained your staff may be, not everyone can be prepared in case of an emergency. Although they should be trained to always have fire safety as one of their most important priorities while working in your Las Vegas hotel, it’s still best to avail of 24 hour emergency service with your fire alarm systems provider for your peace of mind.

At Signal Fire, we are open 24 hours a day and are ready to provide help in case of any fire hazard occurring in your buildings.

Trouble signals need to be easy to understand

In case of an emergency, it’s best to make sure your guests don’t panic. After all, they’ve booked with your establishment to enjoy their very own getaway, away from the stresses of daily life.

Even though a fire hazard can erupt at any time, you must ensure that your guests also approach this in a calm and collective manner. Before an announcement can be made, your staff needs to be trained to interpret any signal your fire alarm system gives out.

Internally, they must inform each other of the emergency through coded language so as not to terrify your guests. Briefing and evacuation can then be relayed to the guests after every staff member is aware of what’s happening.

Smoke alarms and warning systems need to be in place

Ideally, you’ll want an intelligent, addressable fire alarm system that can provide
notifications for each occupant in your Las Vegas hotel. How will it perform this task? A
sounder base that accompanies your system smoke detectors can notify the occupant of an emergency, provided that smoke detectors are installed in every guest room.

It’s crucial that these signals are programmed to be easy to understand while refraining from eliciting panic at the same time. You want your guests to feel safe, after all!

Portable fire extinguishers must be in reach

A trustworthy fire alarm system company knows that a fire can break out anywhere,
especially in a hotel located in Las Vegas. Decent fire protection starts with readily
available fire extinguishers at key areas of your building, and our experts at Signal Fire understand what kind of size, type, and amount of fire extinguishers your hotel needs to abate sudden disaster. Fire extinguishers need to be easy to maneuver in case any emergency happens.

Your employees should know how to do the following with the proper training from our

  • Operate a portable fire extinguisher properly
  • Inspect your fire extinguishers for an annual recharge or refill

Why Signal Fire’s fire protection is the best for your Las Vegas hotel

Here’s what you can expect from the kind of fire protection Signal Fire can provide your Las Vegas hotels:

Fire Alarm Systems

Our team of experts are experienced in safe and secure installation. Included are new
system upgrades, code upgrades, system changes, and more!


All equipment is certified by governing NFPA bodies, AHJ, and state fire marshal
equirements. Only good quality products and services designed to save lives are
installed by Signal Fire.


Fast and easy monitoring can be done with a mesh network overseen by our professionals.

How we ensure our fire alarm systems perform excellently

Reliable and secure fire alarm systems need to be installed by seasoned professionals to ensure the safety of your hotel guests as they enjoy their stay in Las Vegas. Here are a few ways we strive to perform:

Working hand-in-hand with clients

Ego never gets in the way of business, and our team adheres to that fully at Signal Fire.
We are only here to explain the best solutions to you, but you get to decide what’s right
for your hotel.

Holistic fire-proof protection for Las Vegas hotels

Our services include fire protection, fire alarm systems, fire alarm monitoring, fire inspections, fire alarm repair, and installing multi-family fire alarms.

Don’t know what you should avail of? No problem! We can consult directly with you to come up with the best fire protection for your Las Vegas hotel, tailor-fit to suit your budget. Trust us to come up with what your hotel needs to stay protected without needing to break the bank for your own peace of mind.

Cracking the code of service excellence

How do we do this? Through prioritizing innovation and education to ensure our teams always perform excellently.

Innovation is achieved through working with a central database for a more streamlined, automated process. Our team is trained to work with this database so less errors occur and we can concentrate on delivering results to you.

As for education, we constantly improve, streamline, and develop our team by keeping them updated with the latest fire regulations and improvements in fire protection technology. Companies that specialize in fire alarm systems are constantly working on improving their current tech, and our teams at Signal Fire always want to make sure they stay ahead of the curve for any emergency.

Ready for the best fire protection you can get for your hotel?

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