Investing in safe, secure fire alarm systems for daycares and schools

A city as dry and hot as Vegas can get should be investing in optimum fire protection for its preschools. Kids in Las Vegas should be taught from an early age that accidents can happen to anyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared with the right systems in place. Not only should this life-saving information be taught at home and in school, but even daycare centers must be prepared for any fire emergency.

Teachers in any Las Vegas daycare or preschool need to have the proper fire safety training necessary to ensure the safety of their students during school days. This is not just so that they can guide kids to safety, but so they can also help translate these crucial steps in a way that even children can understand.

Before these important lessons are taught, it’s best to familiarize ourselves with what fire alarm systems need to contain for these institutions.

Fire safety protocols to implement in Las Vegas preschools

Fire protection for preschools in Las Vegas is of the utmost importance and must be prioritized by any school administration. Not only will these protocols serve as crucial factors in early childhood education, but these can also help teachers never lose sight of their students’ safety in all aspects.

But what should go into fire safety for Las Vegas daycare centers and preschools? We compiled a quick list to follow below. Read on to find out more:

Basic fire drills

Every student must be familiar with the sound coming out of a fire alarm system, and it’s up to their teachers to tell them exactly how to react when it goes off. Students must be made aware of the fact that Las Vegas is a dry, hot environment that is naturally prone to fires. They will likely experience a fire at least once in their lifetime, so the impulse to get to safety naturally and efficiently must be nurtured.

Facilitate fire drills at least twice a year with your students so they can practice moving to an exit in a calm, collective manner.

Fire escape plan training

It’s one thing to have proper fire alarm systems in place, but does your Las Vegas preschool or daycare center have appropriate fire escape plans that are easy to find and navigate through?

Every teacher and staff member at the institution must be familiar with the fire escape plan. Multiple fire exits must be extremely visible at every floor of each building, and plans for said exits must be mounted in extremely visible hallways.

Familiarity isn’t enough, and each employee must know how to get to these exits efficiently. Conduct training sessions with your staff and implement refresher courses throughout the year so they never forget what they learned.

Placing of fire safety equipment

The three main components of fire safety you need installed in your Las Vegas preschool include fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and fire smoke detection.

For optimum safety, every classroom should have a fire extinguisher right outside. Every teacher and custodian must be trained to use them properly. It should be fully functional and mounted three to five feet above your floor. Nothing should block it from being accessed easily.

Fire sprinklers need to also be installed in every classroom, and smoke detectors need to at least be installed in every lab and hallway.

Areas designed with an open plan

Open plans aren’t just for teachers to freely implement exploratory learning styles to their students, but are ideal for fire safety as well. An open plan classroom must be designed in such a way that it’s easy for any teacher to keep an eye on their students at all times, except for when their students need private time in a restroom.

An open plan classroom makes it easy for teachers to spot fires as soon as they start, too! Evacuating students is also not a problem when the entire layout remains open.

5 reasons why you should go with Signal Fire’s fire alarm systems

Fire protection for preschools and daycare centers in Las Vegas should be functional, easy to understand, and installed by our professionals. Below are five reasons why you can trust us:

Our fire alarm systems are top-of-the-line

Our team of experts are experienced in safe and secure installation. We constantly improve upon their education so they’re always aware of the latest developments in fire safely. Included in said education are new system upgrades, code upgrades, system changes, and more!

Our equipment is certified to work

All equipment is certified by governing NFPA bodies, AHJ, and state fire marshal

We understand that only the most efficient products need to be issued at institutions as vulnerable as preschools and daycares, so we take certification seriously.Only good quality products and services designed to save lives are installed by Signal Fire.

We work hand-in-hand with clients

Ego never gets in the way of business, and our team adheres to that fully at Signal Fire.
We are only here to explain the best solutions to you, but you get to decide what’s right
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We offer fire-proof protection for Las Vegas preschools and daycares

We can consult directly with you to come up with the best fire protection for your Las Vegas preschool or daycare without breaking the bank. Trust us to come up with what your institution needs to stay protected with your own peace of mind at the top of our priority list.

Our services include fire protection, fire alarm systems, fire alarm monitoring, fire
inspections, fire alarm repair, and installing multi-family fire alarms.

Cracking the code of service excellence

Innovation is achieved through working with a central database for an automated process. Our team is trained to work with this database so less errors occur and we can concentrate on delivering results to you.

As for education, we constantly improve, streamline, and develop our team by keeping them updated with the latest fire regulations and improvements in fire protection technology. Companies that specialize in fire alarm systems are constantly working on improving their current tech, and our teams at Signal Fire always want to make sure they stay ahead of the curve for any emergency.

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